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1200 SuperClean

Powerful Handheld Steam Cleaner And Sanitiser

Monster 1200 SuperClean hand held steam cleaner and sanitiser

Technical Information

Power supply :230V/50HZ
Boiler power :1200W
Boiler Volume :400 ml (¾pt)
Water capacity :300 ml (½pt)
Between boiler refills :up to 30 minutes
Steam temperature :120°C
Steam pressure :3.5bar (51psi)
Heat-up time :2 minutes
Steam dryness :92-94%
Boiler construction :Cast aluminium
Sanitiser capacity :70 ml (2½fl oz)
Between sanitiser refills :up to 30 minutes
Power cord length :5m (16ft 4¾ins)
Colour :Orange/Black

Sanitiser Tank

Is in the base of the unit

Monster 1200 SuperClean showing the sanitiser tank in the base

Simply unclip the base to reveal the sanitiser tank filler cap.  Fill the tank with Clean Blast AntiBak.


Product Only
Size :27 x 13 x 27 cm

(10½ x 5 x 10½ ins)

Weight : 1.7 Kg (3lb 12oz)
Weight: 2.3 Kg (5lb 1oz)

including accessories

Packed - Mail Order Box
Size :34.5 x 18.5 x 28 cm

(13½ x 7¼ x 11 ins)

Weight : 3.1 Kg (6lb 13oz)
Bulk Quantities
Shipper:4 pieces
Pallet:96 pieces

Container Quantities

20ft:1715 pieces
40ft:3408 pieces
40ft HQ:3792 pieces
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SuperClean - Total Hygiene that lasts 7 days.