Monster Floor  Steam mop and floor cleaner

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Pressurised boiler gives higher steam temperature and more effective cleaning

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Ideal for all solid floors & carpets

Monster Floor steam mop shown from the front Monster Floor steam mop shown from the side
  • Cleans and sanitises
  • Stainless Steel boiler
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • Double steam jet
  • Adjustable steam level
  • Easy to use controls
  • Includes 3 Microfibre pads
  • Ready in 3 minutes
  • Steam ready light
  • Power on light


List Price £119.95



Steam Jets Info
Monster Floor steam mop showing bottom and front steam jets Monster Floor steam mop using bottom and front steam jets Monster Floor steam mop reflecting in clean floor
Pull back on the handle for downward steam jet - Use the steam trigger for forward steam


microfibre pad info
Fitting the Microfibre Pad to Monster Floor steam mop Cleaning a ceramic floor with Monster Floor steam mop
 Microfibre Pads  

Held in place by a hook and loop fixing system, the washable microfibre cloth pads absorb the grime that is blasted clear from the floor by the jets of dry steam.  Three pads are included with the monster floor.


cleaning scenarios
Front Steam Jets Ergonomic Design
Cleaning stair rises with Monster Floor steam mop's front steam jets Cleaning under furniture using with Monster Floor steam mop's ergonomic handle
The only steam mop with front steam jets - cleans right up to the edge of the room, ideal for vertical corners, stair risers and kitchen baseboards.  Also useful for pre- treating stains. The compact structure and curved reclining handle is very handy and efficient.  Monster floor can easily reach into difficult corners and under furniture.


carpet sledge
Fitting the carpet sledge to Monster Floor steam mop Carpet Sledge
Simply clips on to the base of the monster floor. The Microfibre carpet pad is trapped inside the sledge. With the sledge fitted the monster floor just glides over rugs and carpets with very little effort.   The carpet pad will pick up surface grime, and the steam loosens the grit, animal hairs and ground-in dirt which can then be vacuumed away as the super hot dry steam leaves the carpet dry in a few minutes.

Cleaning and sanitising the bathroom floor with Monster Floor steam mop

Cleaning and sanitising the playroom floor with Monster Floor steam mop

Clipping on the carpet sledge

Clean and sanitise the bathroom and playroom floors


4 steam levels
4 Steam Levels Close up of Monster Floor steam mop's steam adjustment slider

The sliding control on the front of monster floor allows you to select from 4 different levels of steam.

Select the lowest level when cleaning delicate cushioned vinyl flooring, or laminated floors.  Use the medium settings for hard floors, and the highest setting for carpets or if the floor is heavily soiled.

Whichever setting you use the superheated dry steam at 130°C will sanitise as well as clean.


Accessories Included
Accessories Included
These accessories are included with the product and are also available separately.
Carpet Sledge. Included with Monster Floor steam mop 2 Microfibre Floor Pads. Included with Monster Floor steam mop Microfibre Carpet Pad. Included with Monster Floor steam mop Spouted Filling Jug. Included with Monster Floor steam mop
Carpet Sledge 2 Microfibre Floor Pads Microfibre Carpet Pad Spouted Filling Jug
Code: 7010104 Code: 6910256 Code: 6911328 Code: tba
List Price: 15.94 List Price: 6.95 (each) List Price: 5.95 List Price: 5.95


Optional Accessories
Optional Accessories 
These accessories are available separately.
Filler Funnel 3 Microfibre floor pads 3 Microfibre carpet pads Aquaplus Bottle prevents calcification
Filler Funnel Pack/3 Floor Pads Pack/3 Carpet Pads Aquaplus Bottle
Code: 9003184 Code: 6910256-3 Code: 6911328-3 Code: 6909602
List Price: 5.95 List Price: 17.95 List Price: 16.96 List Price: 14.95
Aqua Plus Water Treatment Bottle
Please Note : The spout on the Aqua plus is too big to use directly with the Monster Floor, it should be used in conjuction with a filler funnel or the filler jug provided with the product.


technical data
Technical Data Dimensions
Power supply: 230V/50HZ Product
Boiler power: 1000W Product size: 30 x 21 x 29 cm
Water capacity:  500 ml (17 fl oz) (11¾ x 8¼ x 11½ ins)
Steam temperature: 130º Celsius Handle length: 122cm (from floor) (4ft)
Steam pressure: 3.5 bar (51psi) Product weight: 2.9 Kg (6lb 6oz)
Heat-up time: 3 minutes Packed for Mail Order
Steam dryness: 94 - 96% Pack size: 41 x 26.5 x 40    cm
Boiler construction: Stainless Steel (16 x 10½ x 15¾ ins)
Cable length 7.5M (24ft 7ins) Pack weight: 4.6 Kg (10lb 2 oz)


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